Get inspired by simplicity – Understanding Geometric Graphic Design

As humans, we’re naturally inclined to observe and feel inspired by patterns in nature. Just going for a long walk on the beach or in the forest can inspire you with a vast array of beautiful shapes and forms. Some of the most fascinating and wondrous patterns are geometric in nature. Symmetry seems to be deeply rooted in our psyche. Taking inspiration from this innately human aspect of existence, geometric graphic design is just one of many styles we love to incorporate into our work.

Designed by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

A lot can be achieved by just using simple shapes like the circle, squares, and triangles. If you actually observe nature closely you’ll begin to notice these shapes as the foundation almost everywhere. Geometric graphic design is one form of creative expression that can instantly resonate with us. It involves the process of combining and sometimes manipulating basic shapes and forms to create appealing designs. This style can be used to create beautiful logos, vector art and more. For instance, a single alphabet can be expressed in so many creative ways using angular imagery and other such geometric graphic design techniques.

Designed by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Incorporating artistic techniques using color, tone, contrast, shading and more in combination with these geometric shapes add a whole new dimension to the designs. One of the simplest shapes to work with is the triangle. It’s incredibly flexible and hence it’s easier to add depth to the design as well. You can interpret virtually any form by manipulating a simple shape like the triangle. One way we like to do this is by variating the length of one or two of the sides of the shape. This gives a whole new visual meaning to a simple shape and the possibility to create an endless variety of forms is huge. We found that it’s often a good idea to keep a balance with a combination of geometric patterns and more minimalist and simple elements like a flat color shade or white space. This gives the design element enough space to breathe.

Designed by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Many times these geometric illustrations are used to complement the overall design. In such cases, it’s important to keep experimenting with the shapes and colors. Another very important aspect is to incorporate still images into the designs. Blending simple geometric patterns with beautiful photographs can produce remarkable designs. We like to really experiment with the color palette here and stretch our creative muscles as much as possible when we are using this technique. The scale of the design is another aspect that can be played around with in order to create even more beautiful patterns and variations. In fact, this has proven to be extremely useful in logo design because most times the same design may be used at different scales.

Designed by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Apart from these geometric designs and illustrations we also offer other graphic design solutions and a whole host of other services that might be of interest to you. Please feel free to look around the site and if you find a service you’d like to use for your next project then be sure to contact us. We’d love to work with you on your next design project.


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