In partnership with Concept Marketing. We were tasked with creating a game for the Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric brand that was fun & playable across multiple platforms both on mobile & desktop with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS support.


We created a fun game which worked across multiple devices and platforms. The goal was to help Action Man and Action Dog (the brand mascots) skillfully maneuver levels of dangerous obstacles representing different services Action provided and also earning service discounts with each level passed.


• Design
• Development
• Coding
• App Design
• App Development
• Game Design
• Game Development

Level 1: Plumbing

The water pipes are cracked and broken. Plumbing and irrigation problems are no match for Action Man! Successfully get past three leaks without getting soaked to unlock your level one prize code at the end.

Level 2: Heating

The second mission is too hot to handle. Someone’s heater needs an Action 19 point tune-up! Good thing our hero, Action Dog, is fireproof. Dodge five flames, burn free, to unlock your level two prize code at the end.

Level 3: Air Conditioning

The third expedition is an arctic adventure. Action Man needs to repair that air conditioner! Put your gloves on, chill out, and avoid seven icicles without freezing to unlock your level three prize code at the end.

Level 4: Electric

The final electrifying challenge is shocking! Good thing Action can handle all electrical jobs, big and small. Action Dog has to avoid nine volatile lightning bolts to unlock your level four prize code at the end.


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