How Isometric Illustrations Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

Originally Posted: March 1, 2018 | Updated: January 24, 2019By: Jordan Halliday


How Isometric Design can help your brand stand out.


It’s been reported that the average person can be exposed to 3,000-10,000 forms of advertisement in a single day. So how do you get YOUR piece out in front to grab people’s interest? From infographics to webpage hero images, t-shirts to album covers, isometric graphic design is one great design tool we can use to draw attention to your brand and make sure your potential customers don’t go looking elsewhere.

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative


What is Isometric Design?


If you aren’t familiar with the term, don’t worry! Most of us will see dozens of examples of isometric illustrations in our day-to-day TV and Internet browsing and just think, “Wow, that’s a cool picture.”
So here’s a definition in layman’s terms: Isometric Design is a method of creating (or visually representing) three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional drawing or illustration.

If you were to draw a bunch of black and white squares next to one another on a piece of sketch paper, no doubt you’d create something that looks like a checkerboard. This is an example of a flat, 2-D pattern. Now imagine drawing a series of various-colored or toned, interlocking cubes. You would be making an image or pattern that appears to be 3-Dimensional. It will take on texture, will light up with color, and can be used as an isometric illustration that effectively draws a viewer’s attention to your brand, product, or mission statement.

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Design by FreePik

If you want to see how wonderfully prepared an isometric piece can be, simply search “Isometric Infographics” and view beautiful examples of illustrations and graphs being combined with content.


This is where our expertise and knowledge come into play! If a normal design approach doesn’t satisfy your desire to stand out, we can take your product, service, or sales pitch and pair it cleanly with beautiful geometric displays, illustrations, and additional content. If you are looking for something young and playful, the endless possibilities of isometric illustrations and other graphic design elements can give you beautiful color combinations along with geometric patterns that are pleasing to the eye and invoke a joyful spirit and call to action.

Or maybe you are looking for something that’s more appropriate to a business setting. The visual distinction of items within an isometric design like buildings, people, fonts, and other design pieces will help your brand jump out at your customer and encourage them to read or process the entire message.

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

So, what kind of project do you need to be completed?

Do you need to create a logo? Do you want to make flyers for your band? How about an infographic to post on your website to explain certain features of your business? Or maybe you need a beautiful illustration to help your brand sell t-shirts or other clothing items.

If you have a project that really needs to stand out, we have the experience and technical skill to complete it on time, within budget, using all sorts of awesome design mediums. Whether you want digital, print, 2-D, or even isometric illustrations, we will make sure it reaches out from the sea of daily advertisements and grabs the attention of your audience!

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