Identity Branding: It’s more than just logo design

Posted: May 16, 2019By: Jordan Halliday


When you think of how to describe a brand, your mind may automatically jump to logos. After all, what is a brand without a logo? A logo, however, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a brand.

A logo, which to the naked eye might appear as simply a shape, typography or a mark, plays a pivotal part in how a brand may interact with the perceptions of people.

A brand is basically the projection of the company in the eyes of the people who build their perception and preconceived notions around it. Identity branding doesn’t happen in a days time, to shape the way people think about your company requires a long sustained effort. It’s a combination of the whole list of different things that go into the process of forming a distinct identity. The foundations of which are laid down by the designers & brand strategists themselves.

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative


The Foundations of any brand needs to be strong and require brand strategists that can think outside of the box, coming up with and materializing their ideas. Perhaps the most important aspect of designing a brand has to be its logo. It seems trivial to say that a logo could have such an impact on how people can relate to particular companies, whether it’s the Nike Swoosh or Apple with its half-eaten apple, these logos are synonymous with the cognitive aspect of branding.

Logo design is crucial to the success of the brand. To decide whether it’s going to be typography, an image or quite simply just a mark is one of the biggest decisions that will ever be made for your brand. And it’s not just the type of logo if you dive right down to the nitty-gritty, it becomes a really big conundrum to ascertain what things need to be done. The size, the color, the textures, images, dimensions and even before that having done sufficient market research into understanding your brand personality, what type of image you are trying to portray, the traits and values of your brand & the types of customers you are trying to attract.

Another way to look at the foundations of a brand is to use what we call ‘The Branding Arch’. A logo is ‘The Keystone’ of any brand. But a brand has so many other elements that support it.


To create a logo and say that it will always serve the purpose of identity branding is a commonly misunderstood belief. A logo might be great in terms of its style and all the superficial aspects of it, however, whether it aids in affecting the perceptions of the people when they think about a particular company is a whole different story. That is why Logo design & Identity Branding need to work hand in hand for it to be a killer combo, which will result in solidifying the presence of the company in the minds of the people.

In order to attract more customers, they first need to identify with your brand. One way we work with our clients is to help them find their brand’s personality. If you want to mean more to your customers, you need to connect with them in a way that makes them not only remember you… but also like you as a brand. If your brand has the right personality, it will not only make more meaning connections, it will make real connections.

One way we do this is by using Branding Archetypes. Our goal is finding that right balance between style, personality, and perception so that one is never compromised by any other in any way and the logo produced sticks out in the minds of people, and the brand creates more meaningful connections, forging the identity that the company has set out to build.

Design by Jordan Halliday of Pinebee Creative

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